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Three Times Self-Storage is Helpful

Using our safe, secure, and convenient self-storage often gives people peace of mind – especially when accommodating a temporary life situation or transition. Clutter can be overwhelming at the best of times, and sometimes it just has to go. Here are three common to not-so-common situations where Metro Self-Storage can help you out.

When you have to make room for relatives.

A growing number of families are choosing to downsize by sharing space. With home prices ever-increasing, adult children are living at home longer, or welcoming older parents into their own homes. To make the most of the square footage, pack up boxes of items and move furniture into storage that isn't necessary. Sit down with "roommates" to discuss what stays in the home and what goes into storage. To avoid future confusion, clearly label belongings and try to group items by family. If there are many items, separate smaller units for each family may be simpler.

When you own a vacation home.

If you travel a lot, or split your time between homes, it can be nerve-racking to leave some of your prized possessions unattended. Whether you share a vacation home with family or friends, leave your home unoccupied for part of the year, or rent out space to other travellers, a storage unit is a great option for storing your personal belongings.

When you have to sell a home.

Renting a storage unit during the house selling process can reduce stress, and in some cases speed things up! Clearing your house so it can be well-staged for photos and viewings will increase buyer interest, creating the potential for a quicker sale. With most personal belongings already in storage, there may be less pressure to find a new permanent home in a short period of time. Short-term, partially furnished rentals allow you to take your time finding the right fit.

At Metro Self-Storage, we have units to accommodate belongings from a closet to a typical two-bedroom home. Find a location near you today!

Community Support

Metro Self-Storage is proud to contribute to the important work, and support of the following groups:

  • Red Cross
  • Children's Wish
  • Ronald
  • Big Brother
  • Strongest Families
  • Hope Cottage
  • Psp
  • Souls Harbour

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