Storage Guide

Storage Guide

Select a Unit Size

  • 5 ×5 (Small)
    5 × 5 (Small)

    A 5×5 (Mini Storage) is approximately 25sq feet and is great for storing the contents of a large closet, small seasonal items, boxes, small furniture items and tire storage.

  • 5 × 10 (Small)
    5 × 10 (Small)

    A 5×10 is approximately 50sq feet and is a great sized unit for storing items from a 1 bedroom apartment or a small office space with small furniture items. This space is often ideal for seasonal motorcycle storage.

  • 5 × 15 (Small)
    5 × 15 (Small)

    A 5×15 is approximately 75sq feet and is is ideal for storing contents of a large one bedroom apartment or office space.

  • 10 x 10 (Medium)
    10 × 10 (Medium)

    With 100sq feet of storage space a 10×10 unit is great for holding 2 full rooms of furniture including sofas, bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances and more.

  • 10 x 15 (Large)
    10 × 15 (Large)

    Offering 150sq feet of space a 10×15 unit will allow the storage of three full rooms of furniture, office desks, and appliances.

  • 10 x 20 (Large)
    10 × 20 (Large)

    200sq feet of space provides enough room for a moderate sized home with typical furniture while still leaving room for those smaller items and many large boxes.

  • 10 x 25 (Large)
    10 × 25 (Large)

    These large spaces allow for multiple rooms of furniture, and are great for commercial inventory storage space. (Please call for additional information)