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General Auction Rules

  1. Bidder Registration: Buyers must have current, valid, photo I.D. (Driver License) to complete the sale.
  2. Registration Age Minimum: Buyers must be 18 years or older to bid.
  3. Payments: Payments must be made on site by cash, debit, or credit card on the day of sale.
  4. Payment Due Immediately Upon Final BID. Buyers must pay for the unit in full or your bid will be voided, you will forfeit the unit, and it will be re-sold by the Auctioneer. No exceptions!
  5. Winning Bidder: On each unit, the buyer must immediately verify their final bid, by signing a Confirmation of Sales slip, and supply current phone number and mailing address.
  6. Units Auctioned One At A Time: Prospective buyers will be offered a five (5) minute viewing period. Buyers will not be allowed to enter the unit, and can view from the doorway only.
  7. Bids Are On The Entire Unit: All units sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS", "IN PLACE", and "WITH FAULTS", (No Exceptions). All sales are final and absolute.
  8. Removal of Items: No items can be removed until end of auction. Everything in unit must be removed from site premises 48 hours after the sale.
  9. Buyers: Must remove the entire unit contents and leave nothing behind at the site. (broom sweeping is appreciated) You are completely responsible for unit removal. Rental fee's will apply if unit is not empty.
  10. Personal Items: Buyers must return any personal items from the unit back to Metro Self-Storage.
  11. Illegal Items: Buyer is responsible to return any items that are or can be considered/deemed illegal back to Metro Self-Storage for proper disposal. These items can include but not limited to:
    • Firearms
    • Drugs
    • Dangerous chemicals
  12. Bid Disputes: Auctioneer's decision is final in the event of disputed bids on bid closing! State commercial codes state that auctioneers decision is final.
  13. Our Auctioneers: Reserve the right to refuse any bid from any person who is disruptive, or has caused a problem for other auctioneers or at any of our prior auctions.
  14. Facility Rules During Auctions: No Smoking, No Alcohol and children must be supervised at all times.
  15. Cancellation without Prior Notice: We reserve the right to cancel any auction without prior notice.

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