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Storage Tips

  • Storing Boxes

    Do not place contents directly on the floor. Use a pallet or strips of wood underneath boxes to allow for circulation.

  • Clothing

    Fold your clothes properly and store them in dressers to maximize space and/or use wardrobe boxes to hang your clothing.

  • No Perishable Food Items

    Absolutely no perishable food items permitted in unit as this could attract rodents.

  • Books & Documents

    To protect against moisture, place boxes on pallets or skids. Climate Control is recommended.

  • Tools & Equipment

    Metal tools & sport equipment should be cleaned and wiped with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil.

  • Mattresses

    Do not wrap or store in plastic. Wrap the mattress in cotton sheets or blankets. Keep off the floor to allow for air circulation.

  • Automobiles

    To avoid gaseous fumes, store your car with a full tank of gas.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    To be stored in climate controlled units.

  • Valuables

    Please take your precious items such as jewellery, financial/legal papers, photos, coins, etc. with you.

  • Dishes & Glassware

    Be sure to individually wrap all dishes and use newsprint to fill any unused space minimizing risk of breakage.

  • Organize Your Storage Unit

    To allow for easy access, place frequently used items near the door and create a walkway to the rear of the unit.

    If you have a drive-up unit, keep items at least 1 foot from the door.

    Inventory can be stored more efficiently by using free standing shelves.